Malaysian Association of Qatar

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Malaysian Association of Qatar

Jemputan Berniaga : Pasar Malam MAQ (07/11/2014)

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As-salamu alaykum dan Salam 1Malaysia buat Ahli-ahli MAQ dan Rakyat Malaysia di Qatar,
Pasar Malam kembali lagi!!!
MAQ dengan kerjasama PERWAKILAN Doha ingin menjemput ahli-ahli MAQ dan juga rakyat Malaysia untuk berniaga di Pasar Malam MAQ.
Butiran lanjut seperti di bawah :

Tarikh : 7 Nov 2014, Jumaat
Tempat : Perkarangan Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di Qatar
Masa : 3.00 petang - 7.00 malam


Harga meja:
Ahli MAQ : QR100/meja
Bukan Ahli : QR200/meja


Tempahan meja boleh dibuat sekarang.


Untuk pendaftaran dan pertanyaan, sila hubungi En. Fauzi Mustapha; Call, message, WhatsApp, Telegram di no 33304574 sebelum 3 Nov 2014.


Terima kasih.


B/p AJK MAQ 2013/14



Malaysian Batik Extravaganza - RSVP only (28/11/2014)

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A non profit event for promoting malaysian spirit of togetherness and the batik as our heritage...



MAQ 2014/2015 Membership Card

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Dear MAQ Members,

As part of initiative by 2014/15 Comittee for MAQ Members, we will be rolling out MAQ Membership cards for active members and we hope to start issuing them in stages starting from 1st week of June 2014.

Upon producing the membership card, you will have privillages to enjoy 20% discount at Aquapark Qatar, 10% discount at Sri Kebaya Restaurant Doha for non promotional items, 15% discount at food / SPA outlets in Holiday Villa Doha for non promotional items, discounted room rates at Holiday Villa Doha and further negotiations are being arranged with few other outlets such as Currency Exchanges and so forth which will be notified and updated from time to time in our FB Page and Webpage.

In order to process your membership cards we require you to send us a passport sized photo (in jpeg format) along with your name, Qatar ID number and your spouse's name and Qatar ID number for members with family registration status to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , at earliest possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


MAQ Comittee 2014 / 15



MAQ Activity Schedule 2014/2015

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